With the at most and gratifying sensation that this club offers the outstanding opportunity to create an English atmosphere for the English language lovers and speakers alike. At last, Santarém has what it takes to promote English speaking for students and non-students. Therefore, this spot gathers everyone eager enough to celebrate the feast that is to communicate herein and elsewhere, only in English.

Welcome to The first conversation club from Santarém - Pará. A spot where all you have to do is to speak English. Here you don't have to be from an English course, unless you speak well (accepting intermediate level speakers). Represented mainly by Escola de Inglês Prof. Flávio Serique and CCAA students, this club receives English speakers from all over the world (native or non-native) for a month meeting on fridays at 6:30 p.m.

segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2011

30 October - 2011

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At that point we were playing 'Broken phone' :P

We've decided to do outside this time. :P

Here we are again with a guest from the State whose surname apparently makes us think she is Brazilian but she descends from a Brazilian father

Claudia Seixas graduated from Swarthmore College in May 2010 with a
Bachelors of Arts degree in History, Art, and Environmental Studies.
She concentrated in the fields of Photography, Environmental Justice,
and Food History. At Swarthmore, she was a founding member of The Good
Food Project, a student-run organization that manages an organic
student garden and advocates local, organic, and sustainable food
systems. After graduating she worked as an Americorps member with the
Silicon Valley Health Corps at Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale, CA,
where she farmed and helped run a Community Supported Agriculture
(CSA) program on 11 acres of urban school property. Since February
2011 she has been in Brazil on a Fulbright Scholarship. She is
currently an English Teaching Assistant with the Fulbright program in
Santarém, Pará, Brazil, where she is working at UFOPA, a Universidade
Federal do Oeste do Pará.

She has already begun her fellowship and is serving as
an English literature teaching assistant at a university in Santarém,
Pará, Brazil and teaching English language courses to grade school
teachers. She is volunteering with a local organization, Projeto Saúde
e Alegria (the Health and Happiness Project), which works in the areas
of ecotourism, agroecology, sustainable artisan craft production,
participatory mapping, community organization and development,
renewable energy, and health and sanitation. Seixas majored in art and
minored in history and environmental studies, after graduation from
Swarthmore she joined an Americorps program that develops community
and school gardens and farm-to-school programs to increase awareness
of healthy lifestyles and increase the consumption of fruits and
vegetables. She is documenting her time in Brazil's Amazon region.