With the at most and gratifying sensation that this club offers the outstanding opportunity to create an English atmosphere for the English language lovers and speakers alike. At last, Santarém has what it takes to promote English speaking for students and non-students. Therefore, this spot gathers everyone eager enough to celebrate the feast that is to communicate herein and elsewhere, only in English.

Welcome to The first conversation club from Santarém - Pará. A spot where all you have to do is to speak English. Here you don't have to be from an English course, unless you speak well (accepting intermediate level speakers). Represented mainly by Escola de Inglês Prof. Flávio Serique and CCAA students, this club receives English speakers from all over the world (native or non-native) for a month meeting on fridays at 6:30 p.m.

quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2010

Last session: November 2010

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At last the end has come and a year went by. Thanks to all those students (and ex-students) a dream has come true and a new horizon of English speaking expectations is on its way to 2011. Once again Mike (the American-off-duty soldier) came along with his outgoing four-year-old son Fabrício to present his slides, and therefore his adventures, to show what he did and the places he went for a month.The ever electric son did his part to amuse the talk and the guests played theirs as the time went by silently, only to finally display the end of another conversation meeting at 8:30 p.m. Hopes there are that the forthcoming sessions will be unforgetable and dinamic, so to say what the future lies ahead next year. Nuff said.

quarta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2010

Escola Flávio Serique session: 1st time November/2010

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For the first time we've managed to open a session at Esc. Prof. Flávio Serique to finally extend the feast to other spots. This time our guest was the American - soldier Mike who's become a Brazilian culture interested. He talked to two different level classes (Elementary and Intermediate) at the upstairs spot of the stablishment under the city's stary sky. Needless to say, his interest started by getting married to a Brazilian originally from our city who had lived in Germany where both met. Their union produced two boys and their first one (Fabrício) participated as our guest, as well.

quarta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2010

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Conversation club session - October/2010

One more time we are back to the usual session we're so fond of. This time we've received only one guest who ended up being our exclusive American visitor. Her name is Katie Ackman, she's 30 years old and is a nurse serving the Igreja da Paz with frequent visits to poor communities as a missionary. She's been here for only six months and she's already capable of speaking Portuguese quite well for such a short period. Her presence has only been accomplished with the help of our dear friend Dolores Messer who's also participated as she spent seven yars in the US and knows the crountry's, language and cultural indiosyncrasis pretty much like an American.

domingo, 3 de outubro de 2010

Second Semester - Second session

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24/09/2010. Once more we've received new guests and had our usual two-hour talk from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The guests we invited were three. The two first ones were a couple who's been living in Santarém for 18 years and are also English teachers. Their names are Dan and Brenda Caldwell and they are missionaries teaching English at Batista School twice a week with two different groups, using extracts of the Bible to start their dicussions in English. Our third guest is European, precisely from Barcelona-Spain. That's Laura, she's the newest CCAA Spanish teacher and used to work in Ireland. She lived there for 9 years and worked for the private sector of Hewlet Packard International Bank - a branch of Hewlet Packard. She's a Tax Specialist in VAT (Value Added Tax) and has also given her contribution for the evening.

domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

2nd Semester - 1st session

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Once again we're back with one more session. This time we had a different visitor at CCAA Auditorium, his name is Gabriel Geller and he was a CCAA student before who left Santarém to study Law and Business Administration in Florianópolis. Afterwards, he proceeded abroad by studying in England and by having his Marster's at the University of Manchester (precisely at Manchester business school) and at the École des hautes etudes commerciales du nord - EDHEC Business school in France. He also worked at SBM offshore N.V. (Netherlands) in Monaco as Investor Relations Analyst. With all this qualification and enourmous experience that he managed to acquire as an International citizen, made us interested in having his presence to talk about what he did and how young students could experience and what they could see if they decide to go abroad one day. We also had the presence of our two members who travelled to United States and spent some weeks in July. They added their experience as well ( Juciédison - Kansas City - and Ana Vitória - New York ).

domingo, 18 de julho de 2010

The fourth session and the last of the 2010/1st term

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In June this year we managed to invite five guests to our conversation club. All members of the Amizade project, volunteers located at Fundação Esperança and with serious commitment to their work. Under the leadership of Nathan and Valeria, they provide assistance to specific communities on the Tapajós River. Once again the club members were invited for a 2 hour period talking, exchanging experiences, information and friendship.

The third session

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The third session (May/2010) was under the supervision of Darin Seal, the teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL) from ALI - Applied Languge Institute of UMKC - University of Missouri Kansas City. He was brought to CCAA in order to teach the most current teaching tecniques from Communicative Approach to the CCAA teachers. Apart from traveling with the students to Belterra on one saturday he was also in charge of running the conversation club with students and teachers from both schools (CCAA and Esc. de Inglês Prof. Flávio Serique) on one memorable friday night. First in a classroom and then in an Auditorium, the club members had everything that it takes to have fun just by talking in English.