With the at most and gratifying sensation that this club offers the outstanding opportunity to create an English atmosphere for the English language lovers and speakers alike. At last, Santarém has what it takes to promote English speaking for students and non-students. Therefore, this spot gathers everyone eager enough to celebrate the feast that is to communicate herein and elsewhere, only in English.

Welcome to The first conversation club from Santarém - Pará. A spot where all you have to do is to speak English. Here you don't have to be from an English course, unless you speak well (accepting intermediate level speakers). Represented mainly by Escola de Inglês Prof. Flávio Serique and CCAA students, this club receives English speakers from all over the world (native or non-native) for a month meeting on fridays at 6:30 p.m.

quarta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2010

Escola Flávio Serique session: 1st time November/2010

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For the first time we've managed to open a session at Esc. Prof. Flávio Serique to finally extend the feast to other spots. This time our guest was the American - soldier Mike who's become a Brazilian culture interested. He talked to two different level classes (Elementary and Intermediate) at the upstairs spot of the stablishment under the city's stary sky. Needless to say, his interest started by getting married to a Brazilian originally from our city who had lived in Germany where both met. Their union produced two boys and their first one (Fabrício) participated as our guest, as well.

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